CE Marked Machines

Number #1

Supplier in Europe

Leading Provider

Of Spring Machines
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CE Marked Machines

Number #1

Supplier in Europe

Leading Provider

Of Spring Machines

Product Brochures

Below are all of the Itaya machine brochures available for download. If you require any further information on these products then please feel free to contact us.

MCS-20 Spring Making Machine

Our best-selling spring making machine series can be highly customised to suit you.

RS8 Spring Making Machine

RS-8 is a low cost, computer-controlled spring making machine with rotary wire feed.

ax20 spring making machine
AX Series Spring Making Machine

The original low-cost, high-performance spring making machines.

pc4 spring coiling machine
PC-4 Coiling Machine

Our best simple and precise 1 point coiling machine.

cx spring coiling machine
CX Series Coiling Machine
Combining the high-speed productivity of the PCX Series with the extreme accuracy of the CX-2.
forming machine
MX Series Spring Making Machine

Our simple to use MX Series spring machine ensures maximum production speed.

mcs15a spring making machine
MCS Series Spring Machine

The MCS Series has been operating since 1977 and is still a popular choice.

rm20 spring forming machine
RM20 Spring Forming Machine

RM 20 is an excellent economical alternative to the incredible RX Series.

mf-10B spring forming machine image
MF-10B Spring Forming Machine

Our MF-10B Spring Forming Machine is built from decades of experience.

pcx series coiling machine
PCX Series Coiling Machine
Well regarded in the industry as the best machine for compression springs.
cx2a coiling machine
CX-2A Coiling Machine
Ultimate machine for the coiling of extremely fine wire.
pc8 spring coiling machine
PC-8A Coiling Machine
Highly regarded in the market place, the PC-8 has just been updated with the latest technology.
rx20b spring forming machine
RX Series Spring Forming Machine

The RX series machines have brought a whole new concept to spring forming.

sx series spring making machine
SX Series Spring Making Machine

Classic low-cost spring making machine with the simple functions of the MCS machines.