SX-Series Spring Making Machine

Computer Controlled Spring Making Machine

The SX series has been designed to combine economy with the simplicity of the MCS type machines.

The addition of newly developed slides and twin cams enables the production of many spring shapes at high speeds.



sx series spring making machine

SX-Series Spring Making Machine Features

  • The servo mechanism and computer system have been optimized to enable the SX series to offer easy operation and high-speed production.
  • Feed axis and Cam axis are equipped as standard.
  • Twin cams with retraction levers are supplied as standard for high-speed and precise production.
  • Changing the tool layout is easy as you only need to change the tool holder mounted on the slide base.
  • All tools and cams are compatible with those of MCS type machine.
  • The image sensor can be installed on the latest computer as an option.
SX-8A SX-15A
Forming Capability Wire Dia. 0.2-0.8mm 0.4-1.5mm
Pneumatic Solenoid Valves 2pcs. 2pcs.
Peripheral Device Control 12ports 12ports
Power Requirement 3Phase 200V 5A 10A
Machine Dimensions Height 1440mm 1563mm
Width 759mm 1023mm
Depth 608mm 778mm
Weight 400kg 670kg
Computer Dimensions Height 1600mm 1600mm
Width 540mm 540mm
Depth 540mm 540mm
Weight 210kg 210kg
Installation Area Width 1340mm 1600mm
Depth 1060mm 1278mm
SX-8A SX-15A
Feed Min. Increment 0.02mm 0.02mm
Max. Speed 111m/min 120m/min
Motor Rated Output 1000W 2000W
Cam Min. Increment 0.05 0.05
Max. Speed 500rpm 375rpm
Motor Rated Output 1000W 2600W
CPU Pentium Processor
Program 2000 Steps
Program Storage USB flash memory & 3.5 inch FDD
Display 15 inch TFT Colour LC Display
Operating Temp 0 – 45 degree