MCS-20 Spring Making Machine

Computer Controlled Spring Making Machine

Our best selling spring making machine series, MCS, is now equipped with the latest Rotary Wire Feed.

With a rich source of options available, you can optimize this machine to suit your needs.




MCS-20 Spring Making Machine Features

  • Rotary wire feed and rotary wire guide mechanisms provide for easy forming of complex parts without changing the position of the slides.
  • The machine is equipped with Feed, Cam, Rotary Wire Guide and Rotary Wire Feed axes as standard. 3 optional Servo Spinner Units and 2 optional Servo Linear Units can be easily added to make the MCS-20 an 8 axis machine.
  • You can customize MCS-20 as you wish with numerous optional accessories. (Slide Base and Cam Shaft (8sets), Cut Holder (1pc.), Tool Holder A (1pc.), Tool Holder B (1pc.) are equipped as standard.)
  • The slides can be installed at any angle around the circular table. (patented)
  • The slide layout can be changed simply by altering the mounting position on the slide base for tool holders and servo drive unit.
  • Maximum slide stroke is 67mm. This MCS-20 machine provides wide space around the wire guide enhancing forming capability.
  • Twin Cams are available for higher speed production. (1 set of Retractable Lever and Twin Cam for Cut axis is equipped as standard.)
  • All tools, cams, tool holders and attachment items are compatible with those of AX-20 machine.
  • The Image sensor can be installed on the latest computer as an option.
Forming Capability Wire Diameter 0.5-2.0mm
Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 4pcs.
Peripheral Device Control 12ports
Power Requirements 3 Phase 30A
Machine Dimensions Height 1880mm
Width 1080mm
Depth 1300mm
Weight 1540kg
Computer Dimensions Height 1600mm
Width 540mm
Depth 540mm
Weight 210kg
Installation Area Width 1825mm
Depth 2300mm
Feed Min. Increment 0.02mm
Motor Rated Output 2000W
Cam Min. Increment 0.05deg.
Motor Rated Output 2600W
Rotary Wire Feed Min. Increment 0.1deg.
Motor Rated Output 5000W
Rotary Wire Guide Min. Increment 0.1 deg.
Motor Rated Output 400W
Spinner (optional) Min. Increment 0.001deg.
Motor Rated Output 400W
Linear (optional) Min. Increment 0.01deg.
Motor Rated Output 400W
CPU Pentium Processor
Program 2000 Steps
Program Storage USB flash memory & 3.5 inch FDD
Display 15 inch TFT Color LC Display
Operating Temp 0 – 45 degree