CX2A Coiling Machine

Computer Controlled Coiling Machine

The CX-2A is the ultimate machine for the coiling of extremely fine wire from 30 micron to 200 micron.

The CX-2A provides the easiest and most precise way of coiling the very fine wire based on the newly developed Feed Unit and Servo Slides combined with  precise tool technology.

CX-2A has 5 axes as standard; Feed axis, Cut axis, Diameter axis,
Push Pitch axis, Arbor forward / backward axis.

cx2a coiling machine

The feed unit position can be adjusted horizontally (Patent) by 15mm.

When the relative position between the feed roll and the wire guide or the length of the wire guide have changed, you can adjust the horizontal position of feed unit so that the front edge of wire guide is in contact with the arbor.

Servo slides can be installed at any angle on the side table depending on the coiling requirements – i.e 1 or 2 point, push pitch or wedge pitch.

A servo slide for one point coiling and push pitch slide are supplied as standard. Optional slides, tools, etc. are necessary for 2 points coiling.

c2xa unit

The most important consideration when coiling very fine wire is to make the feed roll diameter as small as possible and to make the wire guide length between the feed roll and the arbor as short as possible. The feed roll diameter is 20mm and the wire guide length is 10mm.

The wire guide is an integrated type. The front and rear ends of the wire guide are integrated to facilitate the alignment of the wire.

cx2a guide
Forming Capacity Wire Dia. 0.03-0.2mm
Min. D/d 4
Outside Diameter 3.0mm max.
Feed(2axes) Min. Increment 0.002mm
Moter Power 50W
Max. Speed 122m/min
Cut Min. Increment 0.1
Moter Power 30W
Outside Diameter Min. Increment 0.001
Moter Power 30W
Push Pitch Min. Increment 0.001
Moter Power 30W
Arbor forward/backward Min. Increment 0.001
Moter Power 30W
Pneumatic Solenoid Valves 2pcs.
Peripheral Device Control 16ports
Power Requirement 3 Phase 10A
Dimension Height 1626mm
Width 1223mm
Depth 964mm
Net Weight 500kg
CPU Pentium Processor
Program 2000 Steps
USB Flash Memory
3.5inch FDD
Display 15inch TFT
Color LC Display
0 – 45 degree