PC-4 Coiling Machine

Computer Controlled Coiling Machine

The PC-4 is a simple and precise 1 point coiling machine.





pc4 spring coiling machine

PC-4 Coiling Machine Features

  • Optimized wire guide and tooling enable you to coil small wire with high precision.
  • The introduction of a crank system on the cut slide increases output.
  • The computer and machine have been combined into one unit to save space. The PC-4 offers the best alternative to a mechanical machine.
  • Static capacity sensor is equipped as standard accessory for controlling the free length.
  • The standard 4 axes supplied are: Feed Axis, Cut Axis, Push Pitch Axis, and Diameter Axis.
  • The optional image sensor can control the measurement of products and the optional wireless LAN can manage the machine status.
Forming Capability Wire Dia. 0.1-0.4mm
D/d 4
Peripheral Device Control 12ports
Power Requirements 3 Phase 10A
Machine Dimensions Height 2140mm
Width 1200mm
Depth 820mm
Computer Dimensions Height 1600mm
Width 410mm
Depth 410mm
Weight 220kg
Feed Min. Increment 0.01mm
Cut Slide Min. Increment 0.01
Push Pitch Min. Increment 0.001
Diameter Min. Increment 0.001