PC-8A Coiling Machine

Computer Controlled Coiling Machine

The highly-regarded PC-8A coiling machine has been updated with the latest technology.

The PC-8A is supplied, as standard, with plates for right-hand and left-hand coiling, 1-pin and 2-pin coiling.

The PC-8A is a further development of the successful PC-8 with an optimized servo mechanism and computer.


pc8 spring coiling machine

PC-8A Coiling Machine Features

  • All tools are compatible with those of the PC-8.
  • Optimized servo mechanism and computer makes the operation much easier.
  • The introduction of a crank system on the cut slide makes production faster than on the PC-8.
  • The computer and machine have been combined into one unit, thus saving space.
  • The standard 5 axes supplied are; Feed Axis, Cut Axis, Wedge Pitch Axis, Push Pitch Axis and Diameter Axis.
  • The initial tension can now be more easily adjusted thanks to a micrometer installed on the point holder.
  • Rotary Cut Slide and Arbor Retraction Unit are available as optional accessories.
  • The optional image sensor can control the measurement of products and the optional Wireless LAN can manage the machine status.
Forming Capability Wire Dia. 0.1-0.8mm
D/d 4
Outside Dia. 25mm max.
Peripheral Device Control 12ports
Power Requirements 3 Phase 10A
Machine Dimensions Height 1660mm
Width 1210mm
Depth 870mm
Weight 450kg
Feed Min. Increment 0.01mm
Cut Slide Min. Increment 0.01
Wedge Pitch Slide Min. Increment 0.01
Push Pitch Min. Increment 0.001mm
Diameter Min. Increment 0.001